Injustice with anyone can disturb the peace of mind. For maintaining the balance most important action is to prioritize the things. First thing first is the rule of prioritizing. Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent but keep in mind urgent, things are not always important and valuable in life. The things which nourish our soul, the things which help us stand high in life, the things which enhance the quality of our relationship, which makes us wise and profound, so do spend more time on what is important in life. Set the priorities & to achieve this-

  • Work on the daily basis
  • Break the vision into the goals
  • Write down your long-term vision of life
  • Write down your ways to achieve those goals.
  • It should include all aspects. career, wealth, family & personal growth.
  • Set a Deadline for each goal.
  • Go on Micro level planning for these goals


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